Monday, April 11, 2011

MSG. Let's start talking about what it really IS.

What is MSG? Today I polled my friends and inquired, "Do you know what MSG is?"

I received, basically, the same two responses: "I think it's a preservative or chemical that is bad for you." 

And, the second response?
"I think it's in Chinese food."
How did (only) Chinese food get the bad rap?
Do you really know what MSG is? 
Is it bad? YES. The more I read, research and study, the more disappointed I am in the food manufacturers, the FDA, and food scientists.

MSG stands for Monosodium Glutamate; also called Sodium Glucamate. 

But that is not all. It is also disguised, by the food manufacturers, under at least forty different names. MSG is essentially a salt of glutamic acid (a completely NON-essential amino acid). It is used as a food additive and a flavor enhancer in hundreds of thousands of foods. (Yes, hundred of thousands!) Do you read food labels? 

You may see it listed as:  Glutamic acid, Calcium glutamate, Monoammonium glutamate, Magnesium glutamate, Natrium glutamate, Yeast extract, anything "Hydrolyzed", Hydrolyzed protein, Geletin, Textured protein, Soy protein, Vetsin....  More?  
How about Citric Acid, Barley malt, Enzyme modified, Malt extract, ANYTHING ultra-pasturized.
And YOU wonder why I drink raw milk, huh?
The truth is, it is hidden under SO many names, and in so many foods, that it is impossible, without writing a "MSG dictionary", to list every food in which it hides.

What effect does MSG have on your health?
(Another long list. I'll just scrape the surface.) Obesity. Brain damage. Endocrine disorders. Asthma. Migraine headaches. Heart irregularities. Seizures.
Scary isn't is? Did I mention obesity? Oh yes, I did. But it's worth mentioning again.

MSG is in almost ALL processed food.  I bet you didn't realize that. 

Let's start naming foods (mostly processed crap) and see if they are currently in your diet. Potato chips, Doritos, snack crackers, CHICKEN (non-organic), sausage, canned tuna, sauces, gravy, canned soups, (and you thought that 110 calorie soup was good for you?) cereal, and it is also found in over 50% of all restaurants where you "break your bread". Oh yes, it can also be found in bread

And, yes - milk. Are you really worried about paying MORE for organic? Yet another reason to chose organic, isn't it? 
Anything you eat or drink that is non-fat or low-fat probably has MSG. 
Anything with a sugar substitute, or.. anything in a can. (How do you think they can preserve the taste that long?)

MSG is powerful. The more you eat foods with MSG, the more you want the foods chemically polluted with MSG.

The food industry poisons us... and yet we accept it. It's baffling to me.
Check out this great website on MSG, and the dangers we face by allowing the manufacturers to add it to our foods.
 Also... isn't is about time we made BETTER choices?

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